September Swell

A quick highlight reel of some Great Lakes surf action.

Surfing the Ice Storm

Probably the hardest-core photo session I've ever done. Toronto was frozen over, but there was clean 6-foot surf pounding our beaches. Some of the best surf conditions we've ever had out there.

Fall Swell

Lake Ontario doing what she does in the fall season.

Niagara2Toronto 2018

Paddled 32-miles across Lake Ontario in July, and was stoked to have my camera gear with me. Jumping off the boat in the middle of the lake to shoot was just about as fun as the paddling.

There's a simple pleasure in watching kids run outside in a rainstorm. The water housing can be put to good outside the surf too!

The Dark Months

Training through the winter for a major paddleboard race is something not many people get to see. Here's a first-hand look in this short documentary.


So many apples. Early morning on the farm with great light. Great photos here, mainly because the kids are allowed to run free.

Eastern Canada 2018

Deep in training for the 2017 Molokai2Oahu crossing, I had to take this one off. But I was stoked to hop in and shoot this event from the water. Great colours.

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